The Global Campaign for Men and Boys

When men take on the burden of breadwinning, it’s boys who suffer most…..

Dad Helps Son

Men all over the world are more likely to take on the responsibility of providing financially for their families, but working too hard could be having a negative impact on our sons—and society—according to a new study.

Researchers in Australia have found that the sons of men who work 55 or more hours per week are more likely to display delinquent and aggressive behaviours later in life.  A similar affect was not found in the daughters of overworking dads or amongst children whose mothers worked long hours.

In the UK, dads who are in a couple still work longer hours than women and other working men. There has been a marked increase in the number of women sharing more of the responsibility of providing financially for their families in recent decades. 3 in 10 UK households (29%) now have two full-time earners with dads being the main earner in 7 out of 10 couples with kids.

The problem of overworked  dads is slowly changing . In 2001 40% of them worked 48 hours or more a week, while 13% worked 60 hours or more.  In 2011, 31% of dads were working more than 48 hours per week and 10% working for more than 60 hours.

If too many dads working long hours could be having a negative impact on their sons—and could be contributing to increased delinquency that affects everyone— then we need to something about it.

Dads have shown that we are happy  to share the childcare duties when given the opportunity. The amount of time British dads spend caring from their children rose 800% between 1975 to 1997.

Despite this  dads still do not have an equal right to be the primary carer of their children and do not have equal access to parental leave to help them share parenting equally.

If you think we should be doing more for dads then join our #Equality4Dads campaign today.

Photo courtesy of Flickr/Fifth World Art

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