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equality4men events

At equality4men we love to get out and about and connect with other people who are committed to improving the lives of men and boys. We’ve listed  some of the events we’ll be attending in the coming months so you can come and meet us if you want to.  If  you’re planning on coming do please contact the organizers in advance to book your place.

September 2013

Tuesday 17th September: We’ll attending the launch of a new book by Alan Heeks called “Out of the Woods: A Guide To Life for Men Beyond 50

Thursday 26th – Sunday 29th September: You’ll find us at the 3rd National Conference for Men and Boys.

October 2013

Tuesday 22nd to Friday 25th October: we’ll be flying to Brisbane to be part of the National Men’s Health Gathering and speaking at the following times and events:

Sunday 20th October: The Man Expo, Brisbane

Tuesday 22nd October: The 7th National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Male Health Convention, Brisbane

Wednesday 23rd October: 10th National Men’s Health Conference, Brisbane

Thursday 24th October: 10th National Men’s Health Conference, Brisbane

Friday 25th October: The Men and Vulnerable Families Forum, Brisbane

Tuesday 29th October:  We’ll be spending the evening with the Men’s Health Forum New South Wales at The Castlereagh Club, Sydney

November 2013

Tuesday 19th November we’ll be celebrating International Men’s Day with the official launch of our book Equality For Men at the Brighthelm Centre in Brighton. Glen Poole will be delivering a talk about the book answering questions and signing copies of the book from 7pm onwards. To buy tickets in advance see details of the book launch and talk here.

January 2014

Improving Equality For Men and Boys,  Presentation hosted by Mens Aid NI, Wednesday 22nd January at Westbourne Community Presbyterian Church, Lower, Belfast

February 2014

Masculinity In Crisis: Why Men and Boys Need Our Help, presentation as part of CVM Quickfire Training Day

March 2014

Fifth Annual GCES Symposium, Dubai Men’s College, United Arab Emirates

June 2014

Friday 20th June: join us at the Male Psychology Conference in London

July 2014

Men’s Health & Welling: Critical Insights Conference 


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